Play Welcomes Emelie Norenberg!

Please welcome Emelie Norenberg to the group as Play continues to move forward and give it their all. Here is a message from the girls and a new beautiful picture!

We would like to introduce you to the newest member of Play, Emelie Norenberg. Emelie and Sanne have been best friends for many years, and Emelie is also a close personal friend of Anais and Rosie. Fanny decided she did not want to be in the group anymore and we were very fortunate Emelie was there to step in because as you know we were in the middle of so many important things relative to our return to the U.S. Emelie has done an amazing job during all our meetings and we know if you give her a chance you will love her as we do. We are in the middle of many exciting discussions right now in the television and music worlds which we will tell you about soon. We hope you will go on this journey with us which starts right now. We will be updating regularly and are working on our own sites which will be up soon.

Love, Play

I wish Fanny well with her career, and I will continue to update about her, as I do with all of the girls. It was amazing seeing her working alongside Anais and Sanne. Each girl who has ever been a part of Play has been an amazingly talented young lady! Welcome Emelie!

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48 Responses to “Play Welcomes Emelie Norenberg!”

  1. JJ says:

    WHAT!? Faye has left again, this is so shocking, oh well i wish Faye the best, welcome aboard Emeile, good to have you on board is it me or does she kinda favor Anna abit? oh well, I hope everything goes well

  2. CC says:

    I had not been on the website for awhile bc my lap top was being fixed so when i saw a new picture blown up in my face with a new girl i was like
    HOLD UP..but it didnt surprise me.
    I kinda knew this was gonna happen but i still had hope, I guess Play just isn’t right for Fanny I am actually surprised at how im very excited for Play now..I thought id be mad or sad but im actually happy.
    its new positive energy which is what Play needs.
    Emelie sounds to me like a great girl!
    wohooo go PLAY I can’t can’t can’t can’t wait for new music ASAP!

    btw i love how the many member changes arent slowing them down or holding them back, they always seem to keep going

  3. Andrea says:

    i think it’s awesome how Emelie was so willing to step in so quickly not really knowing what she was getting herself in to! i have faith that she’s going to do amazing!

  4. Stephany says:

    Typical Fanny. I saw her leaving the group since her absence was so long. I think they covered it up because they didn’t want any fans to loose hope. The same thing happened with the Wonder Girls, as soon as one member left there was someone there to replace that spot.

    I reallly jumped when I saw a new red head. I really disliked Janet when she first came into the group and I learned to accept Sanne because that was the only way I would hear of more Play and now I will gladly welcome Emelie.
    I just hope Anais doesnt leave. And Poor Laila. I wonder what she was going through?

  5. Lizzie says:

    This is a hot picture. It so totally fits the US mainstream image! I was shocked again to hear Faye left because I so remember perfectly well when I checked Play’s official site for the third album and then I saw no Faye. I was so so so upset she left without notice!!!!! Well I welcome Emilie and she looks pretty. They kinda look complete to me? They look Fresh, the kind of image that I used to associate Play should be. I can in a way empathize with Fanny cuz artists are very sensitive and emotional. Sometimes when they feel something’s not right an inner conflict happens and I think that’s what happened with Faye. I don’t know I’m just assuming.

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