Flashback Friday 5/16/14: everGirl

It’s hard to believe that so many years have gone by since Play has been active; sometimes, it feels like yesterday we were waiting by their tour bus or cheering them on from the audience. All of us have grown up and continued on with our lives. However, there is no doubt that when you hear a certain song, you still remember every lyric, no matter how much time has passed.

In no way is this feature trying to hold on to once was and bring it to our present. Play is long gone. But often, it is heartwarming to go back and remember what used to make us smile. Play Mania’s Flashback Friday posts will showcase different happenings in the duration of Play’s career from 2001-2004 along with a few fun facts. It’s all in good fun.

Play recorded two different music videos for their single everGirl; one was recorded in a 24-hour time span in Sweden, and the other was called a U.S. Tour Version. The duration of the U.S. Tour Version was shot after one of the Spring Thing Tour shows at their stop in Long Island, New York. The girls and the extras worked for hours after the place cleared out; the audience was not really watching Play perform, although the girls were in front of them on stage, cheering them on.

When the filming process was over, all of the young extras were able to meet Play.

You know what’s really cool? During some of the Spring Thing Tour, Play had two of their friends traveling with them. One of those girls now makes up half of Icona Pop. The other goes by the name Tove Lo. These girls are also extras in the everGirl music video. Can you spot them?

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“Strong” featuring Emelie Norenberg on iTunes Now!

You can now buy “Strong” featuring Emelie on iTunes now. And yes, it’s available for purchase in the states, too. It’s nice to finally hear what she sounds like as a recording artist.

You can also listen to the song via Youtube: Radio Edit | Club Edit.
Thanks Brittany!

Elodie & Stellar Project’s “Strong” featuring Emelie

Elodie and producer Stellar Project will be releasing a single on June 21st, 2011 called “Strong,” which features the vocals of Emelie. She’s going by the name Emelie Leontine.

“So a while ago I announced that I had had a track signed to Ultra Records together with producer Stellar Project featuring the beautiful vocalist Emelie Leontine, and now there’s finally a release date! June 21st MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!”

Click here to read more.

Big thanks to Nicole, Brittany, and Elissa for this news!

Anna and Chris Trousdale, “If Only” Music Video

Anna and Chris Trousdale’s “If Only” music video was uploaded to Youtube yesterday by Claudia Swan. It’s adorable. I know we’ve all been waiting to see the video for years now!

Thanks Leann for the link.

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